Field and investigation trips

 The Commission made field trips and conducted investigations concerning serious complaints and the situation in conflict areas.
The Commission sent an investigatory team to Tuntay Township in Yangon to observe first hand a complaint about forced labour and allegations of human trafficking in the above mentioned township. The Commission sent a team to investigate the complaint on the death of a Dental College student in Thingangyun Township in Yangon, in a car accident under dubious circumstances. The findings were reported to the Office of the Union Government.
The Commission also sent a team to investigate the case of murder of one Ma Po Po Hmun of Mayangon Township. This investigation was made to respond to the query under the UN Special Procedure by two Mandate Holders.
The Commission sent a team led by the Secretary of the Commission to inquire into the case of cancellation by the authorities concerned of plots of land already granted to government servants under the pretext that these plots fell within the domain of a government model agricultural project. A report was submitted to the Office of the Union Government for the authorities concerned to consider returning of the land to the rightful owners.
Field trips were also made to conflict areas such as the Kachin State and the Rakhine State.