Visits to the Kachin State

The Secretary of the MNHRC and three members of the Commission first visited the Kachin State from 8 to 10 December 2011 to observe first hand the civil population who were displaced as a result of the conflict. In addition to visits to the Myitkyina General Hospital and the Myitkyina Prison where the patients and the prisoners were interviewed to ascertain their conditions, the team was able to liaise and coordinate with concerned authorities and persons to enable the distribution of humanitarian assistance by the Kachin State Government, UN agencies and Civil Society Organizations to the displaced persons in and around Laiza.
The Secretary of the MNHRC and two members of the Commission visited the Kachin State from 23 to 27 July 2012 for the second time, during which the team summoned and examined the witnesses in connection with the complaints assumed to involve the violation of human rights and exchanged views with the Kachin State authorities on the prevailing situation in the Kachin State. In its statement issued after the visit, the Commission confirmed certain violations of human rights of the populations of villages by the armed groups and strongly urged not to violate human rights under any circumstances and to act in accordance with human rights standards. It also urged armed groups not to engage in forced recruitment of soldiers and to avoid torture in the interrogation of suspects for the conflict victims of the Kachin State.