Engagement with Civil Society

            In view of the important role played by civil society in the field of human rights, the MNHRC has cultivated its relationship with the civil society. The development of this relationship started in early 2012.The civil society representatives were invited to the Commission to engage in discussions to cultivate closer relationship and to find out possible areas of cooperation.

In March 2012, this relationship suffered a temporary setback when the budget appropriation for the Commission was revoked by the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw giving rise to the thinking that the Commission had become defunct. Actually, the Commission continued to function with the funding provided from the President’s Office in the form of grant.

In January 2013, the meetings with the civil society resumed. On 24 Jan 2013 briefing was given by the Commission to the civil society representatives on the experiences gained during the field investigation trips by the Commissioners. As part of the activities to engage with the civil society, these organizations were also invited to the Commission to seek their views on the provisions of the enabling law that the Commission was drafting. These views were given consideration in the drafting of the law.

On 30-31 August 2012, at the seminar held by the OHCHR at the Chatrium Hotel, Yangon on “Good Practices in achieving compliance with the Paris Principles on National Human Rights Institutions” local as well as regional civil society representatives attended the meeting and took active part in the discussions.

On 22 January, 2013, the workshop for civil society was organized at the Summit Parkview Hotel, Yangon, by the OHCHR. The MNHRC was represented by Commissioner U Hla Myint who made a presentation on the “Recent developments on MNHRC complaints handling, investigations and co-operation with Special Procedures of the UN.”