Relation with other NHRIs

            To enter into relations with the UN and foreign and domestic bodies in the promotion and protection of human rights is among the main functions of the Commission. To enhance the Commission’s relationship with the NHRIs in the region the MNHRC had already visited NHRIs from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

            In June 2012, a joint delegation of NHRIs from South East Asian National Human Rights Institutions Forum (SEANF) visited MNHRC and held discussions for two days exchanging experiences. In September 2012 at the 9th Annual Meeting of the SEANF held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the MNHRC was admitted as member of this regional human rights institution. By this admittance, MNHRC became the 6th member of SEANF. Other members are NHRIs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice of Timor Leste.

Becoming a member of SEANF  enables MNHRC to participate more actively in the sub-regional human rights activities.

In July 2012, the MNHRC engaged in a High Level Dialogue in Yangon with the representatives of Asia Pacific Forum (APF), including the Chairman of the Malaysia Human Rights Commission. The dialogue covered many important issues including the role of NHRIs in the promotion and protection of human rights, governance in the Commission, and engaging with the State and the Community.

            In early November 2012, the MNHRC was admitted as an Associate Member of the Asia Pacific Forum at its annual meeting held in Amman, Jordan.

            On 3 January 2013, a three member delegation led by Chairman of the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission visited MNHRC and discussed matters concerning cooperation between the two NHRIs and exchanged experiences.

            From March 17-23, 2013, eight-member delegation from MNHRC led by the Chairman visited Denmark, Germany and Strasbourg, France to interact with their human rights institutions and to learn from their best practices. The study tour to Europe was organized by Conrad Adenauer Foundation.